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3onedata PIS Solution Used in the Metro

December 10, 2019

Latest company case about 3onedata PIS Solution Used in the Metro

Project Context


The line 5 of the Tianjin Metro (line 5) is a rapid transit line running from semi-circular from north-west to south-west Tianjin. On October 22, 2018, the section from Danhebeidao to Zhongyiyifuyuan (26 stations) become operational. The full line, from Beichenkejiyuanbei to Liqizhuangnan, is 35 km long and has 28 stations, all stations are underground.


The construction of the line 5 lasts 6 years, it’s the first cross-layered metro in Tianjin and it is the longest cross-layered tunnel of Chinese metro, the construction is very complex and difficult. With 18 years of experience in industrial communication field, 3onedata has provided PIS solutions for a mass of metros at home and abroad, and was involved in this project.


Difficulties of the Construction


1. The train runs at a very high speed and passes through underground tunnels, the communication devices need to be equipped with features as anti-interference, low failure rate and E-Maintenance.


2. Need to adapt port aggregation to meet the demands of streaming needs, networking is flexible and easy to extend, and the system architecture can be arranged in multiple ways according to the requirements.


3. The operating environment of metro is very complicated. Communication products should meet the standards of wide temperature and humidity and avoid electromagnetic interfering the communication quality.


3onedata PIS Solution


Based on the environment of the line 5, 3onedata has tailored a professional, efficient and reliable PIS solution to ensure the information transmitted smoothly, provide high-quality information service to passengers, and realize the direct information interaction between metro operation center and passengers.




Solution Application Effect


1. The rail dedicated switch supports two-way transmission and no manual configuration, meets the stringent requirements of vehicle-mounted closed environment for communication equipment.


2. The digital transmission technology solves the problem of the weak anti-interference of the signal and guarantees the smooth streaming media playback.


3. The port trunking technology enhances network stability and security.


Applied Products


TNS5500D Series Managed Layer 2 Industrial Ethernet Switch


TNS6516 Vehicle-mounted Layer 2 Industrial Ethernet Switch



With industry-leading technologies and high-quality communication products, 3onedata has obtained the confidence and approval of customers. In the future, we will introduce more reliable and efficient products and solutions for rail transit industry!

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