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Airbus A330 Project Fire Control System

December 10, 2019

Latest company case about Airbus A330 Project Fire Control System



The Airbus Tianjin A330 Aircraft Completion and Delivery Center Project (referred to as the A330 Project) includes cabin installation, aircraft painting, engine test, flight test and aircraft delivery. The paints and solvents used for painting and surface treatment contain a lot of volatile liquids that has potential explosion risks, so a stable and reliable fire monitoring system is essential.



  • Feature with dust-proof, moisture-proof, wide working temperature, strong anti-interference ability and high MTBF
  • High requirements for reliability, real-time, security and stability of the network
  • Support unified management with software for the control center.Level 4 industrial grade design, metal shell, IP40 protection
  • No fan, low power consumption, din-rail mounting 

3onedata Solution


The fire control system uses industrial Ethernet switch IES618-2F, Media Converter IMC101B-1FS and CAN server CP202-2CI to form the network. Detect sensor sends alarm signal to the monitoring module to control the fire door, and the monitoring module is connected with the CP202-2CI by CAN bus, which converts CAN bus network to the TCP/IP communication, thus to simplifies the networking mode. IMC101B uses optical fiber transmission to expand the remote signal and ensure anti-interference ability. IES618-2F is networked by the ring protocol SW-Ring, when network interruption or network failure occurs, recovery time is less than 20ms. For the stability and reliability of the entire network, industrial-grade communication products is used to meet the needs of complex environment like electromagnetic interference and wide temperature. This solution ensures that in the event of a fire accident, the spread of smoke and flames can be effectively suppressed, offering a strong technical guarantee for the safe evacuation and rescue of personnel, andreduce economic loss eventually.


latest company case about Airbus A330 Project Fire Control System  0


Key Product

latest company case about Airbus A330 Project Fire Control System  1


  • Support 1 port RJ45 and 2 ports CAN-bus
  • Support TCP Server, TCP Client and UDP working modes
  • Support ARP, ICMP, UDP, TCP, IP, HTTP, DHCP and DNS
  • Support CAN-bus baud rate 5K~1000Kbps
  • Industrial grade design, -40-75℃ working temperature

latest company case about Airbus A330 Project Fire Control System  2


  • Provide 1 port 10/100Based-Tx and 1 port 100M optic fiber
  • IEEE802.3/802.3U/802.3X,store and forward
  • -40 to 75℃ operating temperature
  • Designed for industrial applications
  • IP40 protection, high-strength metal shell, DIN rail mount


latest company case about Airbus A330 Project Fire Control System  3

  • Support 4 RJ45 Ethernet ports and 2 fiber
  • SW-Ring (recovery time < 20 ms)
  • Support WEB, Telnet and CLI management
  • Support IEEE802.1p QOS, RSTP protocol
  • Support IGMP, port trunking and port mirroring function
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